Hunting Hawk Press is a dream come true for both of us. Long before we were married or even dating, we were best friends who talked about one day working together on telling stories through graphic novels. Starting with Punching Ghosts, those stories are finally being told.

We create visual stories, accompanying soundtracks and other fun stuff. Almost everything available in the Hunting Hawk Press store is made on-site, and we take great care and pride in all our products. We strive to fill and ship any orders within the calendar week they arrive.

Our story progress is currently slow, since we have a preschooler who gets our priority. Punching Ghosts #1 is already out, and we plan to have Punching Ghosts #2 out during autumn 2019. Ideally we’ll have subsequent issues (and other stories) out starting in winter 2019-2020. We appreciate your patience, and we’ll make certain it’s worth the wait!

Hunting Hawk Press is named for the awe-inspiring hawks that regularly fly over our home near the Wachusett Reservoir.

Thanks for checking us out!
Esther and Scott Rhatigan

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