Cassandra “Spike” Montague™

I’m a hacker and a burglar. You’ll want to be both, if you’re either.

I don’t distinguish real from virtual. I don’t trust people and I can’t handle being social. I haven’t the need. I map my brain and shap my mind to join with the machines, programs, and hidden worlds of data.

The world is full of wonders, and humans are rarely among them. But we’ve created realms and minds beyond our own, and in a million hidden places there are grand horizons to explore.

I will crack all locks, see all places and be all things.

Setting Off

August 18, 2018

This will be interesting. Writing about myself is not my strong suit. Rather than that, I’ll try to find interesting things to tell you about; places I like, cool tech, stuff like that. Yeah. That sounds more comfortable to me already. Stay tuned. Read more